Gautam Goyal from Houston says that when you pay for any website, you see your vision coming to life. While investing in the marketing collateral, you see and feel your finished assets in your hand that are professionally written and perfectly on-brand with the business. But while going with the Search Engine Optimization, you pay for the intangible product, it is something providing results but nothing that can be seen physically. 

Just because SEO is an intangible marketing service, it is difficult for many B2B businesses to see the necessity of SEO. Why must a portion of the businesses’ budget be spent for SEO services and whether is it worth? To answer to all such questions, Gautam Goyal Houston brings you a few points to have a closer look at SEO and the reasons behind it being important. 

SEO increases the website traffic

It is the time to say goodbye to the days that received leads through the word of mouth or referral. Using SEO services, new customers find your business simple by searching what you offer on internet. If you are not optimizing the website, SEO can help you to have an entirely new avenue of lead generation. The best part is, website leads already keep looking for what you offer, and you just need to sell them on working with you. If you wish to get organic traffic to you site, SEO is the best way. 

Organic search, the primary source of web traffic

Organic traffic is the traffic over your website coming from the visitor searches on the different search engines. The best way of increasing the organic traffic is through SEO. More optimization of the website, more it will appear as the top-ranking page in the search engines over the specific keywords. 

Shorter sales cycle with good B2B SEO

We have already seen that SEO helps more users to find the business online but it is not the only advantage. When the users search for any product or service online and come on your website, they were already looking for what you offer, you just need to sell them on working with you. It is not like the B2B appointment setting where you have to reach out to people what may have no interest in buying what you offer. SEO services brings you the customers who are already searching for something you provide. 

A good SEO strategy builds credibility and trust

The goal of SEO is not only to have more visitors to the site but is also to establish a strong foundation for the beautiful website which has easy navigations and the one that offers great user experience. Most people trust google, and if your website shows up on the first page of search result of google through great SEO, you instantly gain trust and credibility of user. You can even increase the user’s trust by adding great content and optimized on page elements. 

Most consumers research before purchasing 

Having a strong SEO strategy is important for any size business. Studies show that around 70 to 80% of people research the company online before making a purchase or even visiting the portions of the website. If you have a competitor who is outranking you and has a better reputation in the search engine, he can be winning a lot of business. With better strategy, you can catch up new customers for your business. 

Better user experience with good SEO 

Every business wish to rank well over the search engines and increase the organic traffic but very few realize or are aware of the fact that optimal user experience is a huge part of getting there. While there exist many factors in the SEO, backlinks, great content, website speed and much more, including user experience as one of them. 

Google is highly intelligent and has learned how to interpret whether the sites are offer a good user experience or poor user experience. Having a positive user experience is important for any website’s success. 

Stay top of all and win the click against competitors

Any business need SEO as the simple fact that it can help to outrank the competitors. When you receive more clicks, you win more business and also increase your revenue and profit. When people search for any of your product or the service that you offer, you wish them to come to your business and not to someone else’s. At such times, optimizations help you to win the click against your competitors and stay at the top of the list and also the mind of people who are in search of what you offer. 


Being a business owner it is very important to understand the importance of using SEO tactics for your business to gain more profit. As a result Gautam Goyal Houston brought you these top reasons to make you aware of the use of SEO.