As we already know that YouTube is an established social media platform that can get us recognition and fame, we can move towards decoding the economics of YouTube accounts.

So, let us assume that you have a YouTube channel that has a few videos uploaded. Then you would like to create an AdSense account associated with your channel. Once that is set up, you can enable the monetization for your account. You need your account to be clean so that you can be accepted by YouTube’s advertising guidelines and then you can enable ads on the videos you make. Now, there is a rule of 45/55 split of all the ads that get displayed on your views where Google gets to keep 45 percent of the YouTube’s advertising revenue on your videos and then you get to keep the remaining 55 percent. This is possible only when you post amazing content on your YouTube account.

If getting views is your problem, then you can purchase views from someone authentic who can give you 1000 free YouTube views. Also, the other way to get more views on your videos is to promote it across all the social media channels and also to family and friends. You can promote them on blogs, Tumblr, Instagram, and Reedit too. Garner as many views as you can.

Link between the Views and Earnings?

So many YouTube Money Calculators are there that can help you to give an estimated range of earnings for the number of views. Hence, the actual amount always varies and it completely depends on quite a lot of factors. The advertising rates on YouTube vary and sometimes an average advertiser pays $7.60 gross per 1000 views.

So, how do you get the link between having a minimum of 1000 free youtube views? So, you get to earn through CPM or Cost Per Mille where they pay between $4 and $10. Sometimes, the CPM can below and it can go as low as $0.10.

There can be many reasons for this, your country, the language, the season, the competition for the advertising spots are all different factors that can affect your Ad Revenue. Remember this, the Ads that you see on YouTube videos, are sold on an auction basis. Christmas season has the highest Ad rates of all the season and those advertisers do fight for the quality video spots.

Product placements

Paid product placement is another way to advertise a brand in a video. So, this happens when the sponsor pays to the content creator to review a product or feature it in a video. The more views it gets, the better the product is marketed, the more the revenue of the YouTube creator increases. Hence, people need to gain more views to profit from the opportunity it gives for the creators to increase their ad revenue.


Hence, if you make a good quality video, you get more views, you may be able to show their ads, and this can increase your Ad revenue. In addition, the ads undergo auction so the highest bidder gets the quality spots.