In the modern period, training is not just important to any organization but it is essential. Although there exist a lot of categories of training such as sales training, management training and many more. It is said that employees having project management skills are the most important assets of any organization. Hence George Goyal from Houston is here with the exact meaning and benefits of training. 

What is training and development for your organization?

According to George Goyal Houston, training is a prime opportunity for any business to expand the knowledge base of employees but in many cases, the employers find the development opportunities more expensive. Employees attending the training sessions may miss out on the work time and hence get delayed in the completion of the project on time. However, despite the drawbacks, training, and development both have benefits for individuals and organizations. Hence it is a worthwhile investment of time and energy. The return on investment from training and development is a no-brainer for the employees. 

Benefits of training and development

Improved employee performance

The employee receiving necessary training will be able to perform the job much more easily and properly. The training provides an employee a greater opportunity and understanding of their responsibilities within the role and also in turn builds their confidence. This confidence enhance the overall performance of each employee and result in the benefit to the company. Employees who are competent enough and are on the top of changing industry standards help the organization to stay on a position as a leader and a strong competitor in the industry. 

Improved employee satisfaction and morale

The investment in training by any organization shows employees that they are valued. Training works for creating a supportive workplace. Employees gain access to training otherwise they would never be aware of themselves. Employees who feel challenged and appreciated throughout the training opportunities may feel more morale and satisfaction towards their jobs. 

Addressing weaknesses

Most employees have some of the other weaknesses in the workplace skills. A training program helps you to understand and strengthen the skills that each employee need to improve. A development program brings all the employees to a common higher level hence all have similar skills and knowledge. This helps to reduce or remove the weak links to the company of the employees who rely heavily on others to complete their basic tasks. By providing necessary training you create an overall knowledgeable staff having employees capable of taking over for one another as needed. The work on team or the work can be completed without any constant help or supervision from others. 


A strong training and development program ensures that employees get consistent knowledge and experience. The consistency is particularly relevant for the basic policies and procedures of the company. All the employees need to beware of the procedures and expectations of the company. Increase in the efficiencies of the employees’ processes result in financial gains for the company.

Increased productivity and quality standards

Productivity usually increase with the implementation of training courses by the company. Increased efficiency in the processes ensure that the project get success that in turn improve the company’s turnover and also the potential market share. 

Increased innovation in the upcoming strategies and products

The ongoing training and upskilling of the employees can encourage creativity among the employees. New ideas can be designed as the direct result of training and development.

Reduced employee turnover

The staff or say employees are more likely to feel values when they are invested in and hence less likely to change the employers or your company. Training and development is seen as an additional benefit to the company. Recruitment costs hence go down due to increase in staff retention. 

Enhances company reputation and profile

Having a strong and successful training strategy helps the company to develop the brand and make itself a prime consideration for the mid-career changes and graduates. Training also makes a company more attractive and mind-blowing to the new recruits who wish to improve their skills and earn the opportunities associated with those new skills. Training can be anything pertinent to the work or responsibilities of the individual at the workplace and can be delivered by using any of the appropriate methods. It can be anything such as mentoring schemes, on the job learning, individual study, in house training or any other.

Blend learning 

It is becoming more and more popular training method accepted by most of the companies. It is an effective combination of the classroom learning and online learning. Many companies prefer their staff to learn on site rather than the off-site training programs. The blend training programs makes it much more effective in cost and also allows to have a greater process consistency. 


It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of training the employees regardless of them being the old, experienced ones or the new freebies. As a result, George Goyal Houston brought you detailed meaning and importance of training the employees in the company.