Later stages of dementia may cause severe anger issues, fear, depression, or confusion in seniors. Here are a few strategies discussed by Home Care professionals you should learn if you are caring for a senior with dementia.

Dealing with Dementia Behavior

It can be challenging for some family caregivers to communicate properly with their senior loved one who has dementia or Alzheimer’s. Frustrating situations may arise when seniors with dementia are unable to understand simpler tasks.

Seniors with dementia may behave differently and it is hard to find the reason for it and what causes changes in the brain. It is better for family caregivers to enlighten themselves about the situations which may emerge following a dementia diagnosis.

Situation 1: Aggressive Action Or Speech

Seniors with dementia may refuse to take showers or go back to their houses which may intensify the frustration or angry outbursts.

Family caregivers should understand their senior loved one is not behaving or speaking aggressively on purpose. Angry outbursts or frustrating behavior in seniors can be triggered by many factors such as poor communication or staying in an unfamiliar situation. Sometimes seniors with dementia may kick or bite if they are feeling helpless or afraid.

What Can You Do?

Family caregivers should identify the source of anger which is making their loved one aggressive. Try to speak in a calm and reassuring manner if your senior loved one gets aggressive or is feeling angry. 

Sometimes it is better to walk away from situations where your loved one is behaving aggressively until he or she calms down

What Should You Avoid?

Avoid getting into an argument with your senior loved one even if he or she is wrong about something. Don’t forcibly hold seniors if they are behaving aggressively unless things are getting out of control. The best thing to avoid getting into an argument is to stop saying no.

Situation 2: Confusion about Place and Time

Seniors with dementia may confuse their home with someone else and wanted to leave the place out of fear or anxiety.

One of the most common reactions in seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s is they want to go home even if they are sitting inside their house. The progression of dementia or Alzheimer’s may cause confusion in seniors about time and place.

What Can You Do?

Show your senior loved one pictures of the place if they are feeling confused about the location. It is better to help your seniors understand about certain locations. Try to speak as little about the situation as possible if they are feeling angry. Redirect seniors to something different or find another activity to do which can take their minds off the confusing situation.

What Should You Avoid?

It is extremely hard for you to reason with someone who has some form of dementia. Don’t try to give huge explanations to seniors who are stuck at something. Often seniors with dementia pack their things and get ready to leave the place which can be a nightmare for some family caregivers.

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Author: Natalie Jones is a professional woman, fun, and nature-loving, and loves to write about reality. Currently, she works with Best Health Guidelines with the aim to help others.