To buy YouTube views, online is one of the best ways to give your channel a boost and grow your reach exponentially. However, a lot of online platforms these days are offering views that are fake, and of no use for your channel. Needless to say that one needs to be well-aware and have the right knowledge to be able to buy YouTube views that are real, legit, and reliable. 

If you too are planning to buy YouTube views for your channel, then this post is for you. Here we tell you three basic and most important questions that you should ask before you buy YouTube views from any source. Knowing these will ensure that you never go wrong, and always get views that are real & authentic. 

Here is what you should ask,

Where will the videos be promoted to accumulate views? 

The platforms that offer ‘real’ YouTube views adopt the strategy of promoting your videos on various platforms and source the views from there. However, before you buy YouTube views from any platform, you must ask on which all platforms will your videos be promoted? 

Asking this question will have two benefits. One, you will be able to ascertain that the views being are actually real, from actual platforms and not from computer programs or bots. Secondly, you will know that the platforms sourcing your views are good enough or not. 

How frequently and transparently will the data and analytics be shared with you?

As the second question, you should ask the platform offering YouTube views about the sharing of views data with you. The platform where you plan to buy YouTube views should define a clear mechanism through which you can monitor the number of views coming on your videos through it in real-time, or as frequently as possible. The sharing of such data and analytics will help you measure the effectiveness of the service and determine the return on investment. 

What are the demographics from which the views will be sourced?

The demographics of the views on your videos play an important role in determining its monetization potential and defining the target audience. Therefore, it is important to ask this question to the service provider in the very beginning itself. 

Demographics can be in terms of age group, gender, nationality, and more. Based upon this information, you can target particular demography by generating a certain kind of content. 

Further, the answer to this question will help you plan your overall YouTube strategy in a better way. Moreover, you can ask your service provider for audiences of particular demography. 

Probing your service provider on these questions will be extremely helpful not only in avoiding fake views service, but also in having a smooth and seamless experience while you buy YouTube views. In fact, you will not have to face any issues at a later stage, when you try to determine the return on the investment you have made to buy YouTube views. Keep these in mind, and we wish you all the success with your YouTube endeavours.